Objectives & Historical Perspective

The idea of establishing a place of worship and a community center was conceived in 1990, and Central Hindu Association (CJHA), a non-profit religious organization, was established to pursue this idea. The main objectives and goals of CJHA are:

  • To provide a place of worship to Hindu community in Centeral Jersey.
  • To keep our children in touch with religion and culture.
  • To educate our children about our religious and cultural values.
  • To provice a place to our community which they can use at the time of their need to celebrate happy events and share sorrow at sad events.
  • To acquaint the community at large with our culture.
  • To create better understanding among community members with different back grounds in a multi-ethnic society.

The Association consists of two major administrative units i.e. THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES AND THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE. The Executive Committee, which is elected annually, has the responsibility for the day-to-day affairs of the Association, whereas policy decisions are made by The Board of Trustees.

Encouraged bythe community’s interest and support, CJHA decided to look for a permanent place for worship and community functions. Several community members started actively cooperating with CJHA to achieve the objective of setting up a Temple and Community Center in Central Jersey. After evaluating different properties at different locations, CJHA decided to purchase the property located at Route 27, South Brunswick.