Durga Temple and Community Center is being managedby: 

  1. Executive Committee
  2. Board of Trustees      

The Executive Committee organizes programs in the Temple and controls day to day affairs of the association with the help of other various committees listed below. Members of the Executive Committee are elected by the general body annually. The responsibilities for long term goals and planning rest with the Board of Trustees, which consists of major financial contributors.The names of individuals serving on the Executive Committee , Board of Trustees and other committees are given below. A number of other individuals, including several physicians from New Jersey have been supporting CJHA and Durga Temple and have been making valuable contributions in different forms to maintain the Temple and to organize different activities.

The membership for the Boards for 2017 are as follows: 

Executive Committee

Mr. Tilak Raj Sharma President  (732) 252-5667
Mrs. Swati Diwan
Vice President  (973)951-9002
Mr. Dinesh Batra
Vice President  (732)355-9441
Mr. Rakesh Kamari
Vice President (732)343-3092
Mr. Dinesh Vyas
Vice President  (215)741-3535
Dr. Rajesh Sachdeo Treasurer  (732) 668-7239
Mr. Satinder Passi
 Secretary  (732) 750-4766

Board of Trustees

    Dr. Prithvi Bhalla (609) 275-2844 (Co chairman) 

  Dr Bikki Jaggi  ( 732)296-3634) (Co Chairman)

Jitendra Bahloza  Sukhdev Bhalla  Nirmal Chopra
Ajay Gupta
 Anil Kapoor  Ashish Kapoor
Ramesh Kapoor Sat Pal Kapoor Om Khurana
Vinod Madhok Ramesh Nijhawan  Dinesh Nain
Dr. Rajesh Sachdeo  Brij Sharma Dev Sondhi
Verender Soni  Shiv Thapar Vivek Verma

Building & Maintenance

 Nirmal Chopra – (201) 228-2693
Dr. Prithvi Bhalla Sukhdev Bhalla Dr. Bikki Jaggi
Sat Pal Kapoor Dinesh Nain  

Pandit Committee

 Dr. Rajesh Sachdeo (723) 668-7239
Dr. Bikki Jaggi Sat Pal Kapoor
Jitendra Bahloza  

Finance Committee

  Dr. Prithvi Bhalla (609)275-2844

Sat Pal Kapoor Nirmal Chopra  

Program Committee

Dr. Prithvi Bhalla (609) 275-2844 Dr. Bikki Jaggi (732) 297-3634

Langar Committee

   Dr. Bikki Jaggi  (732)297-3634

 Dr. Rajesh Sachdeo  

Volunteers Committee

   Brij Sharma  (732)303-6024

 Dr. Prithvi Bhalla  Dr. Bikki jaggi Dinesh Nain

Kirtan Committee

 Madhu Bhalla – (609) 275-2844

Rattan Bakshi Sushma Bahloza Sudha Bajaj
Tilak Raj Sharma Rajan Kapoor

Puja & Hall Reservation

Temple (609) 683-4015/3760 Madhu Bhalla (609) 275-2844

Membership & Contributions

 Mr. Satinder Passi (732) 750-4766