Kirtan Guidelines for Home


    • A minimum donation of $751.00 per kirtan is expected from sponsors. Because donations are the main source of funds for meeting the maintenance expenses of the Mandir, generous donations from sponsors would be greatly appreciated.
    • The sponsors are responsible for setting and decorating “DARBAR” in a spacious room. Kirtan Committee members will assist, if requested.
    • The sponsors of kirtan will be responsible for serving prasad and “langar”. Kirtan Committee members can assist them, if needed. Mrs. Madhu Bhalla is available to advise sponsors with regard to preparing and organizing langar.
    • Mrs. Madhu Bhalla (609-275-2844) will be glad to answer any question and provide any assistance to all sponsors.
    • If due to any unforeseen circumstances, including ACT OF GOD, it becomes difficult to hold kirtan, CJHA as well as devotees have the right to cancel or postpone the kirtan.